Here is a List of My Book Recommendations

It would be wise to get these books now. The vaxx-nazis are trying to pressure Amazon, and whoever else they can target, to stop selling any books that present the clear and present dangers of vaccines and all of the real science that proves the dangers. Can you say 'book burning'? The German Nazis also liked to burn any books that disagreed with their positions. An honest person does not need to fear the examination of their opinion. If you really believe something, you should be able to deal with opposing views and scientific research. When you come to the point, as the vaccine-nazis and Big Pharma have, where you try to crush the opposing viewpoint, you are afraid that your own pro-vaxx position will not stand up to honest scrutiny. You fear that critical observation or examination of your vaccines and their questionable efficacy and the scorched earth of damaged lives they leave in their wake will not be able to be countered. Thus your financial gravy train ends and the tort liability kicks in, big time.

I repeat, do yourself a favor and pick up at least a few of these excellent books while you still can. The vaxx-nazi noose is tightening because they see that prople are awakening to the scam.

These are some good books that I have, have read and are reading. I will summarize each soon.

vaccines are a depopulation agenda by the luciferians who run the world - deal with it