The Vaccine Holocaust Has Come to America

The Big Pharma Police State is Here

The vaxx-nazis are on the march, prompted by Big Pharma and Big Vaxx who see the $$$ in forcing their liability-free toxins into the veins of unwilling victims. This is the real definition of FASCISM, big corporations teaming up with the government to terrorize "we the people". Power to the government, profits to the corporations.

I am going to link to some of the Vaxx TERRORISM sweeping this country.

Armed Swat Team Forcibly Removes Child After Doctor Reports Parents . This government/terrorism of swat teaming citizens is out of hand. (At least they didn't shoot a dog here, as they usually do.) A busy-body useful, weaponized idiot 'doctor' took it upon herself to tattle to the government that this family might have a child with a fever, without first contacting the family for current details. They found another useful weaponized idiot, a judge, so sign a swatting order so that the swat team could terrorize an innocent family who is just caring for their child and trying to live their life, free of over-reaching government. Neither the doctor nor the judge used common sense or good judgement.

The Chandler, Arizona police department is under scrutiny after newly released video shows officers forcibly removing a child. Earlier in the day, the child had a fever of 105 degrees and had recently visited a naturopathic doctor. The doctor reported the parents to Arizona's Department of Child Safety without first following up with the parents to see how the child was doing.

This sad situation began on February 25th when parents took their two-year-old, unvaccinated child, to a naturopathic doctor. The child's concernd the doctor, who advised the parents to take the child to an emergency room. The child's fever subsided and the mother decided against an emergency room visit and took her child back home to Chandler. When the doctor later followed up with Cardon Children's Hospital, she was informed that the child was never admitted. She then contacted the Chandler Police Department and DCS, without first talking to the mother. The police then contacted the dad, Brooks Bryce, telling him there was a matter complicating his next welfare check. Bryce refused to comply with the officers' request. Later that night, officers came to the family's door at 10:24 PM and commanding they open the door. The parents refused to follow officer orders. Officers "claim" they could hear the child having coughing fits. Police use this tactic quite often, to give rise to 'probable cause', where none really exists. The brave men in blue then broke down the door, forcibly removing the child, due to what the report says was a "possible life-threatening illness." The parents were not arrested for a crime. The grandparents have been granted temporary custody of all three children. Arizona DCS refused to comment. Sick, sick, sick. The nanny state cometh. I don't know about you readers, but I just want to be left alone by the over-reaching government. If I need help, I'll ask. Otherwise, leave me alone.

"I think we need to re-think where we draw the line when it comes to disagreements between doctors and parents and what level we're going to go to to keep the child safe," Rep. Kelly Townsend said. Townsend believes the parents made a correct decision seeing the child's fever subsided. The child's fever "was no longer at the level that warranted an intrusive test that could be danger," Townsend added.

The mother's attorney, Nicholas Boca, released a statement: "The removal of Sarah Beck's Children by busting in her door with guns drawn in the middle of the night was clearly unnecessary and well beyond 'reasonable force." He continued, "Sarah has a fundamental, Constitutionally protected right to the care, custody, and management of her Children. These rights do not evaporate simply because the Department of Child Safety believes they know better." The weaponized idiot doctor whined that the child has a fever!!! And that the child wasn't vaxxed. The terroristic govenment system is made up of weaponized idiots went into action.

vaccine holocause swat kicks in door of home of unvaxxed child with fever

More information here Arizona SWAT team smashes door, raids mother's home at gunpoint over child having a fever - medical tyranny gone wild in the USA

In yet another example of medical tyranny gone insane in the USA, a heavily armed SWAT team operating as part of the Chandler, Arizona Police Department smashed down the door with guns drawn in order to medically kidnap a child who a doctor claimed had a fever.

The child, media reports say, is "unvaccinated", which of course now justifies all the insane violence and gunplay demonstrated by police. The police also kidnapped another child from the same home and have not yet returned the children to the parents.

This violent raid that destroyed the front door of the home and subjected the entire family to being psychologically terrorized by police follows in the footsteps of Rockland County, New York declaring medical martial law a few days ago, threatening all unvaccinated children and teens with arrest and six months in prison if they dared step foot on a public sidewalk or even go to school or church.

In New York, the insane medical fascists demand you remain a prisoner in your own home, while in Chandler, Arizona, they raid your home and break in your front door, justifying it all with some absurd claim that "an infant has a fever".

Under the medical police state that now threatens health freedom across this entire nation, "authorities" in Arizona just flat-out kidnapped these children after staging an armed raid on the home of the mother. Authorities have yet to return the children to their parents", reports Breitbart News.

No doubt by the time the children are returned, they will have been forcibly vaccinated at gunpoint by the lawless State. If they are then made autistic by the toxic vaccine ingredients, state authorities will blame it all on the mother, telling her, "It's your genes that caused it".

We can only hope this mother, Sarah Beck, sues the Chandler police, the doctor and Child Protective Services for a billion dollars for being terrorized at gunpoint by armed vaccine enforcer goons. That is one jury that I would like to be on.

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Rockland County NY Becomes America's First Vaccine Police State

In an unprecedented move, Rockland county, New York has declared a 'state of emergency' over measles infections, has banned unvaccinated children from public places and sends the health dept. door to door.

These useful idiots are mentally ill. We all had measles when we were children, and are better off for it. Measles only became a 'public enemy' after Big Pharma's vaxx was developed and marketed.

Add to this, in outbreaks, it us usually the vaxxed that do the spreading of these inoculous illnesses.

This government terrorism is way beyond anything King George did to the colonists in the 1700s. People today are weak, meantally defective/damaged (from too many shots/vaxxes and too many pharmaceutical drugs, along with the fluoridated water, aerial spraying of toxins/geoengineering, GMSs, EMFs, etc) to care what is happening to their freedoms. Thomas Jefferson put it well, dangerous freedom is better than safe slavery.

dangerous childhood vaccines are toxic waste

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