Pro-vaxxers have turned into vaxx-nazis

The phrase that the vaxx-nazis like to use, "vaxx misinformation", actually means "not what the system/Big Pharma/corrupt-government-stooges want you to know about vaxxine side effects".

A dual citizen (dual citizens should NOT be allowed to serve as representatives of the people of this country because by virtue of their DUAL citizenship, their total loyalty is NOT to this country - they are also loyal to the other country of their citizenship - how can they fairly represent the interests of the citizens of THIS country if they are not 100% loyal to the citizens of THIS country? They CAN'T) who does everything he can to destroy the Constitutional foundations of this country is also a vaxx-nazi. One of the foundations of this country this vaxx-nazi hates is freedom of opinion and the ability to dissent from the authoritarian dictates of a govenment that is in bed with $$$ corporate interests.

vaxx nazis and fascists it's all about the money with big pharma

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