The Vaxx-Nazis are Pressing Ahead

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, the The HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) started it's hearing, "Vaccines Save Lives: What is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks?" This is the second U.S. congressional hearing focused on state vaccine laws and the measles outbreaks in the U.S. Most of the senators on that committee are so old, they should have recalled that prior to the 1970s, when the Measles vaxx was released, we ALL had measels and it was no big deal, just a chance to get a week off from school.

The hearing was a one-sided media circus coordinated effort by pharmaceutical industry PR and astroturf organizations. They are laying the ground work to push for federal vaccine mandates - which will maximize their markets. People, it is all about the $$$$. Follow the money, who benefits if something is mandated? And there are BILLIONS and BILLIONS of them if you can get your patented vaxx on the CORRUPT CDC's 'recommended' vaxx list.

Only five people are being allowed to testify at the hearing. Not one single physician, scientist, or medical freedom representative has been given the opportunity to speak in support of vaccine exemptions and to educate the committee on the risks of vaccine mandates. Even Robert F Kennedy Jr. and the National Vaccine Information Center representatives have been denied a seat at the table. Source,

This circus had a star witness, a confused, foolish young man who had been spared the toxic combination of dozens of vaxxes during his chilhood. He was deceived into thinking he wanted to get injected with all of the recomended vaxxes when he turned 18. We should follow this foolish young man and see what happens to his health and immune system. It won't be good. He obviously hasn't read independent research (unfunded by big pharma), or he would knnow about how faulty and negligent and minimal the testing of vaxxes are before they are released on the unsuspecting public. Poor deluded young man reminds me of the youngsters who are confused about what sex they are.
UPDATE: It turns out that Ethan is actually a vaxx-damaged child, according to his mother, Click HERE for more information on this family.

No where in this circus was there any mention of enforcing true Informed Consent, a foundation of medical ethics. According to The Children's Health , The American Academy of Pediatrics statement on the ethics of informed consent includes the following stipulation, "patients should have explanations, in understandable language ... the existence and nature of the risks involved; and the existence, potential benefits, and risks of recommended alternative treatments (including the choice of no treatment)." This is indirect opposition to what the circus was trying to get - forced, mandatory vaccinations with no human right of refusal.

Informed consent implies a weighing of risks and benefits for an individual patient. However, one look at Section 13 of any vaccine insert, and it would be impossible to get any intelligent person to stick out their arm, or worse, forcibly hold down their infant child as they are screaming and fighting against being injected with these dangerous toxins.

If you think Big Pharma and Big Vaxx are benevolent industries that are more concerned with your health and your child's health, then you are very much mistaken. They have reduced their research and development of useful, but realitively inexpensive drugs such as antibiotics, and have switched their development to the extremely profitable, no-liability vaccines. New antibiotics are needed. Big Pharma could make a decent profit developing and manufacturing these items, but they can make liability-free, big profit, manufacturing vaccines. As more vaccines are 'mandated' by the government/CDC, the profit rises exponentially. As Big-Pharma has their paid-for representatives in the legislature mandate more vaccines, a product their legislaturers have already given them a total pass on any product liability, profits rise and this gives Big Pharma even more money to spread around Congress and the government through lobbyists and get even more of their vaccines mandated. It is a vicious circle in which the public gets screwed. Thus, Big Pharma and Big Vaxx has very little interest in doing serious, proper safety testing on their vaccines.

There is also a Section 13 in all vaccine inserts. This government required insert section gives Big Pharma and Big Vaxx even more freedom from any product liability. Wow, what a sweet deal. This is what lots of money and good lobyists gets you. Your representatives in the legislatures don't represent YOU, they represent the highest bidder, Big Pharma in this case.

The pharmaceutical industry loves vaccines for the US market because:

  1. They have no liability for any injuries or deaths caused by vaccines.
  2. They can charge high prices for new vaccines, negotiate behind closed doors what the government will pay for them and get half of the vaccines they produce paid for by the government and distributed by the government.
  3. They have people who have financial ties to their companies sitting on the committee that recommends vaccines to be added to the schedule.
  4. They can lobby in state houses to get legislators to mandate vaccines for school attendance and to prevent anyone from opting out, to maximize their markets.
  5. The FDA allows them to get away with substandard studies before licensing and doesn't require them to follow up reported adverse events.

We need to mention an example of substandard studies in regards to the HPV vaxx, Gardasil. The crooks that manufacture this toxic bomb, Merck, did criminally neglegent safety studies. In a legitimage test, the test group gets injected with the vaxx and the control group is supposed to be injected with a placebo - a totally inert substance. What does Merck do? They inject the control group with a super-toxic aluminum adjuvant instead of a placebo. Why? They knew that their Gardasil vaxx was a disaster waiting to happen. If they inject the contorl group with the very toxic aluminum adjuvant, they know that the control group will have all sorts of health problems from it, thus diluting the adverse reactions from the test group that is going to be injected with the hpb vaxx.

The vaxx-nazis want the government to mandate all sorts of vaccines for everyone, with slim to no chance of getting a medical exemption. The freedom to control what happens to your body is a fundamental human right. Whether it is abortion or the right to refuse treatment or the right to choose vaccination, a human being deserve this freedom. In a case like vaccines, where the safety science is inadequate so that accurate risks and benefits cannot be assessed, this freedom is imperative. The vaxx-nazis want to take our basic human rights away. Why? Well, some are definitely influenced by profit, and some will be plain old 'useful idiots'.

An example supplied by Childen's Health Defencse, is: Last week, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices was considering a recommendation for Gardasil 9 for 27-45 year-old men and women. The recommendation would affect 80 million Americans. Yet, in clinical trials Gardasil 9 caused immediate and obviously traceable autoimmune symptoms in 2.3% of those who received it. The efficacy of the vaccine for men is based on "inferred" efficacy from the trials in women. There were only 150 men in this age group in the clinical trials. Miscarriage rates in the trials were double background rates. This is just a single example of how vaccine safety studies fall short of the necessary rigor. Vaccine mandates violate basic human rights, especially when we need dramatically better safety science.

memorial to another beautiful, innocent child murdered by BigVaxx BigPharma