Measles Shmeasles, Just A Nibble At The Red Pill

false flag measles psyop

fake staged measles to compel mass vaccination agenda

fake staged measles outbreaks forced vaccination agenda

Then, they ought to refrain from even considering submitting their fragile, sensitive, still-developing infants to such a barbaric medical practice as vaccinations, inoculations and immunizations.

For those who need more convincing, please read this expose. You will never get another vaccine again after understanding this nefarious scheme - and certainly will not poison your precious children with these toxic time bombs.

Big Pharma and the US government are both co-conspirators in the massive disinfo campaign to compel parents everywhere to gravely harm their children via the current vaccination schedules.

There is perhaps no greater danger to the health of America than the rapid advancement of the devastating super-vaccination agenda.

This cataclysmic conspiracy to destroy the health and well-being of American children is as malevolent as it is shocking. That so many parents across the country still buy into such a destructive medical paradigm is inconceivable in the face of so much hard evidence that proves the existence of a swiftly unfolding yet contrived public health disaster.

But who exactly is behind this stealthy plot to sicken and injure, paralyze and harm, maim and kill our children?

The Hippocratic Oath is quite emphatic: "First, do no harm". The secret vaccine court (you can't sue Big Pharma or Big Vaxx for damaging your child, thanks to total immunity they purchased from corrupt US Congress), has paid out over $4 Billion for damaged and killed children. It is very hard to win the maximum $250K compensation.

In point of fact, the true conspiracy at work is so broad and so deep and has been surreptitiously evolving for so many years that the countless co-conspirators are difficult to nail down.

We're not talking about the agents of Big Pharma or U.S. government agencies like the CDC, NIH and FDA, mind you. These completely corrupt entities are all obvious to anyone who has a brain. And, they are key culprits in a vast criminal conspiracy that continues unabated to this very day.

What we're really talking about are the real criminal minds who have set up the whole vaccine paradigm from behind the scenes in order to easily render the American people to be transformed into over-medicated sheeple. Isn't this why the nation has been rent asunder with so many wedge issues driven deep into the heart of the body politic?

You can be sure that the vast majority of voters, who have voted so many corrupt politicians into office over decades, have been subjected to all the annual flu vaccines as well as to heavy prescription drug regimens. This, after, they received their state-mandated childhood vaccines over several years.

Only with this crucial understanding will the reader correctly comprehend the true purpose(s) behind the super-vaccination agenda. Truly, there's so much going on here it boggles the mind; however, for those who lack this vital knowledge they will end up with a scrambled brain - which is just how the duplicitous U.S. government and deceptive Healthcare Industry would like it.

It's entirely true that the super-vaccination agenda is at the very core of the ongoing nationwide implementation of Cultural Marxism. Hence, the more We the People wake up to the treasonous goals and odious objectives of Cultural Marxism, the more likely that the American Republic can be saved from its terrible plight.

The primary reason for the grim reality that proliferates in the wake of the super-vaccination agenda is that not only are children harmed and hurt in ways most do not even yet understand, their families are preoccupied for a lifetime with the ensuing physical, mental, emotional and psychological damage.

Remember: Every family that's taken off today's 50-state battlefield is one less group of potential patriots who can fight the decisive culture war that's irreparably tearing the fabric of American society.

Do you get it?

We are literally in the midst of a war that will decide the fate of the United States of America as it will determine the future of its citizenry.

There's a solution to this cultural revolution!

Thankfully, there are just enough folks who are sufficiently awake that they can turn the tide. However, each and every American patriot must step up to the plate - NOW - for time is of the essence.

Because the super-vaccination agenda is now operating at full tilt, the Truth Movement must likewise spread the truth about this highly destructive and deadly enterprise to disable the youth.

What most do not realize is that there's a comprehensive and integrated secret program to ultimately 'hijack' every American. Childhood vaccinations represent the first stage in this diabolical process. It's followed by water fluoridation; GMOs, Roundup's glyphosate and aspartame in the food supply; aluminum and barium in the air via chemtrails, mercury in the amalgam fillings, and EMFs from the smartphones, etc. And there are many more assaults than these as follows: Extreme Dangers And Escalating Risks Humanity is Facing Today

When you add the insane 5G roll-out to this perilous mix of profound and pervasive toxicities, the end result should be self-evident, yes?

5G GENOCIDE: The Most Lethal NWO Conspiracy of the Third Millennium

Why, exactly, is this a transparent "false flag measles psyop"?

Because the present outbreak is positively NOT caused by the natural transmission of measles from child to child.

In fact, the transmission of this outbreak has 2 main vectors of dissemination: (i) children who have been vaccinated have been infecting other children and (ii) illegal aliens who were purposely given the measles are passing it on to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

This is why it's a false flag whereby the true causes are being ascribed to innocent parties.

As for the "psyop" piece, this black operation has been executed in such a way so as to exert peer pressure on parents to obey the government's dictates. Various jurisdictions are now unlawfully arrogating power unto themselves in order to coerce parent with threats of punishments for defiance.

States around the country are hastily each enacting different laws that no only strip the vaccine exemptions from the statutes, they also provide penalties such as $1000.00 fines. At one point, New York City even went so far as to threaten to jail offenders. New York City Finally Backs Off Threat to Jail Parents Who Refuse to Vaccinate Children.

the biggest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective

The super-vaccination agenda must be terminated before it terminates US!

In other words, now that parents know the facts about vaccine injury and have the scientific proof to back it up as delineated in this post - THE PREMEDITATED SUPER-VACCINATION AGENDA: Vaccines Killing Infants at Alarming Rate, Children Infected for Life with Chronic Diseases - they have the right to shut down the whole God-forsaken enterprise.

As Americans, we have the moral authority and legal right to do everything in our power to protect our children from harm and malice. Therefore, we can shut down the extremely hazardous Vaccine Industry by every means necessary and by any means possible.

Please, people, circulate this urgent post far and wide, and as quickly as possible, before more children are debilitated or killed or incapacitated for life. For the love of God and each other, let's get this vital information out there before it's too late.

measles shmeasles

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