Hyping Measles 'Outbreaks'

Working on this page right now. I am wondering how my friends and I ever made it through our childhoods in the 1960s. And all the generations before us. We all had measles, and are healthier because of it. I just want to puke watching news clips of the paid media lying liars hyping the measles. Do not fear a mild disease like the measles - fear all of the tropical diseases that illegal invaders are bringing up from South America. (There are no vaxxes for them, so you are not hearing about them in the controlled/Big-Pharma-paid-off media).

Someone is LYING to you - is it the media, who gets an enormous part of their advertising revenue from Big Pharma, or those of us who have been there and done that? Think! Before there was a measles vaccine to $ell, measles was a normal right of passage - no big deal. Now, with a vaccine to sell and much money to spread around, those on the Big Pharma dole spead the scare tactics - manipulate you, decieve you. Make up your own mind, but you had better do the research, not just read the Big Pharma party line. Your health is at stake. Don't let Big Pharma and their allopathic, pill-pushing pimps in white coats play you.

Here are a few videos to give you an idea how benign measles was before the vaccine$$ was made and peddled. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in the pre-vaxx days.

Here are some quotes from the next video:

"Each booster works for less time than the one before. Good thing injecting genetically modified viruses containing animal DNA and known neurotoxins, like aluminum, dirctly into your blood stream doesn't do any harm".

"Before the vaccine, we treated measles like a scratched knee. We've been manipulated to fear something in order to believe the vaccine is necessary".

"You've become terrified about a harmless disease. Now you're screwed. You have a [censored] up immune system that will never generate authentic immunity, so you will have to rely on more and more booster shots. Which work less and less".

"Do your kids a favor - don't pass this problem to them. If you believe that the measles vaxx is completely necessary and will improve your children's health, and that people who don't vaxx are a threat to your health and the world's, you are a complete and utter moronwho make a 50 year old Brady Bunch episode look light years ahead of you. All I can do is say to you, "good luck with your vaccines".

As you have seen, the famous Brady Bunch measles eipisode wasn't about the measles anyway, the measles was just a side line or punch line. The real plot of the episode was whether they should use Carol's doctor, a woman, or Mike's doctor, a man. The episode thought that controversey was more important that the "everybody-gets-them-and-its-no-big-deal" measles. Certainly not as epic as dealing with a lifetime of autism in your child and their needlessly destroyed life.

I had planned to put a link to the full Brady Bunch season 1, episode 13, "Is There A Doctor In The House" measles episode, but it appears that it has been s scrubbed from the web. Fortunantly I was able to get a copy before it disappeared.

The measless vaccine itself is a FRAUD. It is dangerous and does NOT work. Almost all, if not all, of the measles cases have been genetically tied to the strain in the vaccine, not the inoculous, natural measles. HERE, Read about how you are being played with the very unusual and interestingly timed measles 'outbreaks'. Remember, I, and everyone my generation and older had the measles when we were children, hundreds of thousands of cases a year.

In January 2019, another measles outbreak is being used by Big Vaccine, (Big Pharma), to ramp up the fear factor and sell more vaccines. Big Vaccine constantly manufacturers disease outbreak crises like this to scare parents into vaccinating. In Washington state they are assisted by Governor Jay Inslee, who gave an absurd public statement claiming that measles "is a highly contagious infectious disease that can be fatal in small children" - the suggestion being that parents had better vaccinate their children if they don't want them to die. But, as usual, this is just another deceptive misrepresentation. In the past, before the vaxx was developed, measles was just another childhood disease, no more severe than the chickenpox.

The great thing about naturally contracting measles is that, once you recover, you're immune from the disease for life. The same can't be said for the MMR vaccine, however, which only provides temporary protection at best and questionable efficacy.

For Governor Inslee and the mainstream media to convey a message of death in conjunction with measles, along with a declaration of a state of emergency, is just more mindless fear-mongering at the behest of Big Vaccine, which is losing considerable market share as more and more parents refuse vaccines for their children.

It has nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with vaccine industry profits, which suffer whenever parents make the decision to allow their children to develop immunity naturally instead of injecting them with aborted human fetal tissue, cancer-causing chemicals, and other harmful vaccine additives.

The truth of the matter is that only 26 children came down with the measles in this latest outbreak, and most of them were already vaccinated. If the MMR vaccine really worked, and Governor Inslee's comments were valid, this number would be zero, and all of the children affected would be dead - which none of them are.

Read the full story Here

It really sickens me how these charlatans and purveyors of the poisoned needle hype measles 'outbreaks'. They should be ashamed.

How many of the un-vaxxed cases were due to 'shedding'? Shedding is the term that describes how recently vaxxed individuals spread the live virus all around themselves. It is proven, by genetic testing, that all recent measles cases are the result of the vaccine.

Measles, before the vaxx was invented, was a normal childhod right of passage. Unless you were defiecient in vitamin A, it was a welcome week off from school. Back then, mom was at home so she didn't have to take a week off from work. This is one of the reasons that governments push the vaxx - loss of economic activity and taxes when mom takes a week off to take care of her children.

Death from measles had already flat-lined at zero, on the graph, as had ALL diseases since the early 1900s when hygiene and clean water and sewage treatment became the norm.

The funny thind is, if there was a vaxx for a disease, the vaxx gets credit for the already declining incidents of the disease. If there was no vaxx for the disease, improved sanitation gets the credit. See "Dissolving Illusions" on my book list.

This Netherlands website has an article about how a recent measles outbreak of over 12,000 people in Ukraine was due to a recent vaccination campaign. Most of the site is in another language, Dutch, however this very informative page is in English.

In 2016, with a vaccination rate of 31%, there were only 90 confirmed cases. There was a low vaccination rate but there was no epidemic either. And this also applied to the three years before 2016. From 2013 to 2016, there were on average only 50 cases per year.

Since July 2017, the 'task force' (WHO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Public Health) started to increase vaccination coverage. The result, immediately after July 2017, the numbers of measles cases began to increase. The page provides a chart that shows wild/real measles and vaccine produced measles. (Lab verified). The red bar graph is wild measles, and is very small. The green bar graph represents vaccine producted measles, and the green pard is most of each bar.

In recent years there has been a shortage of measles vaccines in Ukraine. Vaccination rates had dropped to 31% in 2016 and were the lowest in Europe. And yet there were hardly any cases of measles. In 2017 sufficient vaccines became available for a 'catch-up campaign' and 90% of the children in Ukraine received the MMR. Since then there has been an explosion of cases of measles. The number has already surpassed 12,000! Why is the media ignoring the current outbreak of measles in Ukraine? And what is really going on?

What is rally going on is visible, living proof that the dangerous MMR vaxx causes measles!

A person is much better off getting real, wild measles and the resulting life time immunity as opposed to the dangerous, toxic MMR vaxx, the measles anyway, and short, temporary immunity, eventhough you often get the vaxx version of measles anyway. Why are people so stupid? How did Ukraine get into this mess? Since July 2017, a national Measles Task Force, including the Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF, has been working to vaccinate every child and deprive them of the benefits of getting natural, wild measles.

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