Get a Flu shot and . . . DIE!

NYT: State senator, 47, dead after complaining of complications from flu shot

NY State Senator Dies of Sepsis After Receiving Flu Vaccine

And again: NY State Senator Passes Away At 47 After Linking Illness To Flu Shot Symptoms

Healthy Vaccinated 6-Year-Old Emma Dies From Flu In Connecticut

NBC: Las Vegas man blames flu shot for triggering rare disorder

Read this article, 7 of the 8 individuals who died of flu HAD received the flu shot it is full of safety information, including a mention of the infamous Vaccine Insert Section 13 where almost all vaccines are noted as never having been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or for impairment of fertility (see comments below about Bill Gate's vaccines). Folks, this is the bingo factor here - vaccine manufacturers admit in writing that they have never tested any of their vaccines for causing cancer or genetic mutaions or sterilization ability. Why would any sane person inject something into their body that is admitted to have never been tested for these points????

Headlines read 'Middle-aged Iowa man dies from flu'. Since the headlines don't read 'Vaccinated middle age man dies from flu', you can be sure the man WAS vaxxed. The media has an agenda to push. They'll never report when the individual is vaccinated, (as in all of the measles cases where they were fully vaxxed), yet it's banner headline when the individual is not vaccinated. When that aspect is left out, you can be sure that the person was vaccinated. Or the headlines would have screamed 'Unvaxxed man dies of flu'

I used Bing to search the string "get the flu shot and die". A page full of pro-vaxx propaganda shows up. Using appeared to produce the same results, so I then tried, which is quickly becoming my favorite search engine because it always seems to return relevant and useful results. Yea, the evil Russians. Whatever.

This year, big pharma made an enormous supply of flu vaccine and is using the corrupt media pimps to pump up the fear factor to sell the vaccines. That is all it is, follow the money.

Don't question the agenda.
Former NFL Star Questions Flu Shot Efficacy On Twitter, Fallout Is Fast And Furious This brave soul simply asked a few simple questions. The cabal has an agenda and you are not to question it. They believe in Malthus and his evil theory of population reduction. Vaxxes are part of that process. Ask Bill Gates, he publicly stated that if he does a real good job with his African vaccines, he can reduce the population about 10% to 15%!! I saw the video, several times. No mistaking what he said. Some countries have tested his vaccines and they were found to contain sterilants! For real. This is no game these globalist psychopaths are playing.

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