The Life and Times of Ethan Lindenberger

foolish boy used by vaxx nazis

When you are foolish enough to allow yourself to be used by nefarious persons who are working to destroy individual freedom in this country, expect your life to become an open book.

According to the interview below, with Ethan's brother Issac, and a pop-in by their mother, Jill, we lean that Ethan is actually a vaxx-damaged child. His mother said that as a young child, maybe about 6 years of age, he cut his hand deeply on a dirty razor. He was taken to the hospital and they insisted on a tetanus shot, even though there was no indication that infected farm animal manure was on the razor. (The actual carrier of the tetanus infection is cow or horse manue from an animal actually infected with the bacteria). So mom allowed the tetanus only vaccine, but later found out that the hospital lied and shot Ethan up with DTap, a triple whammy. As expected, young Ethan developed asthma a year later - respitatory problems about a year after the shot is an expected issue. His mother says that he suffered with asthma from about 7 to 15 years of age, often in and out of the hospital. He was once airlifted to Acron children's hospital because of his asthma. His brother, Isaac states that Ethan is the only child of the 7 of them that was sickly. None of the others were vaxxed. That is typical, in families with vaxxed and un-vaxxed children, the un-vaxxed are always quite healthy and it is the vaxxed that are sickly.

We also learn that Etha's get-vaxxed stunt may indeed be teenage rebellion against his mother. As his brother airs the family laundry, it seems that Ethan has been rebelling against his mother and this get-vaxxed stunt might just be a way to try to get back at his mother, a way to show that he can make his own decisions now. Well, Ethan, your stunt could pave the way for mandatory shots for everyone - that is the goal of the Democrap/Communists. And you are playing right into their hands.

According to his mother, Ethan is quite active in his local church where there are parishioners who have vaccine-injured kids. His pastor has apparently tried to reason with him but without much success. It wasn't until his mom mentioned that vaccines contain cells of aborted fetal tissue that he was at least momentarily stopped in his tracks. He didn't believe it and said it wasn't true. But it IS true.Additionally: And here, a pdf file.

It's obvious to nearly everyone but Ethan that he is being used by Vaccine Pharma. For example, he has been invited to participate on a panel at the Ohio American Academy of Pediatrics meeting this fall. Why is this not blatant exploitation of a teenager? Sadly, Ethan seems to have no concept that he is a pharma flash-in-the-pan; he falsely believes he's a hero for his generation. But news cycles are short, and as soon as this has played out, his moment of fame will be over, and his moment of truth will begin. They will spit him out and move on.

Interestingly, Isaac says that Ethan does not want to see forced, mandatory vaccination. This is very odd since he is playing into the hands of the vaxx-nazis, whose goal is forced, mandatory vaccination of all children and adults with what ever concoctions the CDC decides decides to mandate. Health procedures were done without conscent in Nazi Germany. See Here for story

Here is another article about Ethan. In this article, his mother explains how upset she is that Big Pharma is using her son as a tool to remove our rights and freedoms.

Let's wait a few days and see more revelations . . .

who's goal is depopulation they want you sick and dying expensively

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