Fake News NBC Photoshops Picture of Baby to Give it the Measles

This is the fake image that NBC presented to their audience:

This is the stock photo of a healthy baby that fake-news NBC started with:

The digital artist used the same clone stamp on these 5 areas:

Closeup of the 'measles' clone stamp in the graphics program:

This is proof that NBC News fakes measles photos to terrorize their own viewers with mass hysteria.

Through the use of Photoshop deception, NBC Fake News then broadcasts the "measles baby" to the world to push its measles mass hysteria. Look at this poor, poor child. Hurry and go get your vaccines, that is our agenda - vaxx everyone with dangerous toxins to damage people and children and profit Big Pharma.

Here's Lester Holt looking serious, acting like he's investigating something with a sense of real journalism and honesty, pretending he's not a lying Big Pharma hack who says whatever he's ordered to say by the vaccine industry: (Count how many Big Pharma drug adds are on TV).

Check this out, Lyin' Lester's got the measles

The fake news media lies about everything from mass shootings to infectious disease outbreaksto the now-collapsed Russia collusion delusion hoax. Almost everything the media tells you is either staged or false. Then they rely on censorship to silence all independent media voices that point out the obvious fraud.

Are there real children who are really infected with the measles in America? Yes there are, but nearly all the infections are caused by illegal invaders being placed in U.S. cities as a kind of biological attack on America. CDC reports measles cases caused by illegal invaders.

The CDC reports from local health departments across the country that it's the illegal aliens, deceptively called "migrants", that are spreading the measles, the mumps, the rubella, the pertussis, and all these record-level diseases hitting Europe and the United States Then we're told that those of us who haven't taken the hundreds of mandated vaccines are to blame. There is an agenda by those who want a global new world order.

This whole measles hype is a false flag. The measles are real, but the admitted cause is the illegal aliens and the government not testing them at the border. This is an outrageous crime against the American people. It is a national health emergency.

Our government, who no longer works for 'we the people', has opened the borders and allowed these plagues to come in, and then tells us dangerous vaccines are the answer to what they have brought into the nation. Toxic vaccines are part of the globalist plan, culling the herd. But that might be too 'red pill' for you now.

Source, Natural News

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