Here are some links about Bill Gates's doctor telling other doctors that Bill adamantly refused to vaxx his own kids. When you are a billionaire, who is going to argue with you or hassle you?

Gates refused to vaxx his own children but he goes all around the world pushing all sorts of vaccines on people, especially in Africa.

Gates won't vaxx his own children

No vaxxes for Bill Gates's children, just for yours

Interesting study that the percentage of students with PBEs (Personal Belief Exemptions), doubled from 2007 to 2013 and higher median household income and higher percentage of White race in the population. In other words, rich White elites are refusing to vaxx their children.

Even CNN, although they are mostly fake news, even touched slightly upon this subject. Since they are so wicked, they don't get alive link from me, just a mention.

It is a well established fact that people who are more educated and affluent people (not necessarily that same group) are least likely to vaxx their c

This page is a real doosey. It has 30 quotes and links of so called 'elites' who want population reduction - that means us. One even mentions how fluoride in drinking water helps with population reduction. That's not all it does, see Fluoride is a poison being used on us

In the following video, set to start at the 2 minute point, where the important quote occurs, Bill says, "population... now if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that part by perhaps 10-15%". Don't let someone tell you that you didn't hear what your heard.

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