An Italian website Corvella is Reporting on Fraudulent Vaccines

This vaccinegate scandal started when The Corvelva Association, an historic Italian association that support vaccine freedom, has commissioned the analysis of biological contamination in some batches of vaccines currently commercialized in Italy, to a highly qualified scientific institute specialized in sequencing the genetic material. The test results are showing massive fraud and dangers with the vaccines tested thus far. This scandal is not being covered by the American corporate media, who are largly sponsored by Big Pharma.

I have posted here, their extensive report on the results of one vaccine they tested, a 6-in-1 called Infanrix Hexa. Yes, people really do inject innocent children with 6 diseases at one time, although there has NEVER been any safety testing on the synergistic effect of injecting 6 diseases at once into the bloodstream. This particular dangerous vaxx is supposed to be for Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, Poliomyelitis 1-2-3 and hepatitis B. Recall that these diseases are naturally encountered one at a time, and then through the nose, or mouth or some mucus tissue. It turns out that there were NO antigens for the 6 diseases it was supposed to be for! But it was full of all sorts of toxins and dangerous other items. Not surprisingly, this scandal did NOT make it into the controlled, corrupt, corporate media in the USA.

Corvella did another test on the quality of the biological material in 7 other vaccines. Over 70% of these vaccines FAILED. The results are alarming, on 7 types of vaccines, as many as 5 do not conform to the guidelines for the quantity of biological material, DNA or foreign RNA of human or animal origin, or for the presence of genetic mutations of the antigens!!! The story is here. Dear parent, again, vaccines are NOT what you have been led to believe. If you read through my website and study the links I have provided, YOU will know more about vaccines that your doctor.

On this page, Corvela explains their testing procedure.

Vaccinegate: Metagenomic analysis report on vaccine samples Is another report by Corvella.

Here is a study published on PubMed that has the Conslusion stated as: Vaccines manufactured in human fetal cell lines contain unacceptably high levels of fetal DNA fragment contaminants. It is not secret, expcept to those who foolishly roll up their sleeves and take the poisoned needle, or even worse, hold their screaming child down so that someone is scrubs can jab them, that vaccines really do contain aborted baby parts. I am posting this link here because Corvella refers to it in one of their footnotes.

vaccination is a racket

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