Chickenpox, A Disease You're Better Off If You Catch

Kentucky Governor has Common Sense!

Gov. Matt Bevin, Kentucky is a governor with common sense, not given to Big Pharma profit driven shenanagains. he deliberately exposed all nine of his children to chickenpox so they would catch the disease and become immune.

"Every single one of my kids had the chickenpox," Bevin said in an interview with WKCT, a Bowling Green talk radio station. "They got the chickenpox on purpose because we found a neighbor that had it and I went and made sure every one of my kids was exposed to it, and they got it. They had it as children. They were miserable for a few days, and they all turned out fine".

Oh, but wait, the """Experts""" warn that is 'unsafe' and 'unwise', so says an ""expert"" in vaccines from the Mayo clinic, which is heavily funded by Big Pharma. Oh, right, that is going to be an unbia$$ed opinion. And of course, the CDC, Centers for Disease Creation, also says it is not advised. Yea, the unbia$ed CDC, who owns patents on 50+ vaccines. Yea, that's a good one. The CDC has quite a record on fraud in vaccine research. Why hasn't Thompson been subponed to testify to congress about the CDC's corrupt and fraudulent vaccine research?

For some unbiased, meaning not funded by Big Pharma, just the facts, ma'am. See NVIC's Chicken Pox page. No, chicken pox is not a totally harmless disease. Any disease can be dangerous to someone who is imuno-suppressed. One thing that most should be able to agree on is that chicken pox is likely to have complications if you catch it as an adult. Decades ago, we - myself included - my mom deliberately infected us and now we have real, lifetime immunity - all had chickenpox as a child. Almost everyone made it through just fine. Now, since Big Pharma developed a vaxx for this disease, poeple are more likely to catch it as an adult and to get shingles. Let me explain. Once upon a time, a few decades ago before Big Pharma spread $$ around to push their chicken pox vaxx, we all got it. We all got lifetime immunity for it because we used to get natural boosters when our children got it and we were again exposed to it, and then when our grandchildren got chicken pox and we were again exposed to it. Now, what do you see - shingles every where. There was not a shingles explosion until the chickenpox vaxx robbed us of the chance to get natural boosters as the decades of our lives rolled on.

Before the CDC was paid off to put chicken pox on their recommended vaxx list, the real scientists and disease experts warned that the chicken pox vaxx, while bringing BILLIONS to Big Pharma, which they in turn would spread around to the medical establishment to further push the vaxx, warned that the chicken pox vaxx would cause more problems than it solved. Those honest scientists were proven right.

Big Pharma profits twice on chickenpox while endangering people's health. The chicken pox vaccine is responsible for the decline in chicken pox during the young ages when it does not really cause problems. Then, adults get chicken pox because the temporary immunity afforded by vaxxes wears off after a few years. Then when adults get the pox, there is more chance for complications. Then, when not enough children are passing around Real, wild chicken pox, shingles outbreaks skyrocket. Shingles is much more of a problem than chicken pox. Shingles would be avoided by adults getting natural boosters from the children they are expoxed to.

So now, Big Pharma gets another Billions of dollars winfall. Not, after the very profitable, dangerous and unnecessary chicken pox vaxx has wraught so much damage in it's wake, they have another vaxx to try to solve the problem their greed created. The shingles vaxx. No kidding. Their greed for billions and billions of dollars in profit has so damaged we the prople. Do you see the big picture? Big Pharma spreads twice the lobbying dollars around Congress and government than even the military lobbyists. That's a lot of dollars. But they have plenty to spread around.

Simply put, you are being played, people. We would all be better off without these dangerous vaccines, but their propoganda has you so fearful of a disease that you want to make things worse. You really believe that temporary immunity so children don't get the pox, that they get it as adults if they don't keep getting jabbed $$ every few years as adults is best? Really?

Here is another article explaining how the shingles vaxx causes chicken pox outbreaks. We have allowed Big Pharma's unrelenting freed for profits to ruin our health. No, we just couldn't leave well enough alone. We had to fall for Big Pharma's greed driven lies. Pity our stupidity and gullibility.

Here's another article from Natural The article title is : Shingles vaccine scientifically proven to cause chicken pox outbreaks. This website is really an excellent place to research health issues. Mike Adam's doesn't hold any patents for vaccines, so you won't be getting the standard pro-vaxx propoganda. He also isn't financed by Big Pharma ads, which make up a very large percentage of TV advertising - so don't expect to get an honest report from TV about the dangers of vaccines.

Vaccine-pushing mainstream media now pretending that chicken pox is a deadly medical emergency (it used to be considered no big deal, just like measles and mumps - I had them all as a child, as did all of us at that time).

Chicken Pox facts

A study in 2002 confirmed that adults exposed to natural chickenpox disease were protected from developing shingles and that there is concern that mass vaccination against chickenpox may cause a future epidemic of shingles, affecting more than 50 percent of Americans aged 10 to 44 years.

The overwhelming vast majority of children who recover from chickenpox disease do not suffer complications and they are left with lifelong immunity to the disease. The chickenpox vaccine only gives temporary immunity and leaves children vulnerable to disease later in life when complications from chickenpox can be much more serious. Vaccine reaction reports suggest that the vaccine is more reactive than it was thought to be before licensure and there are too many outstanding questions about the true adverse event profile of this live virus vaccine.

Some people, backed by vaccine-pushing doctors and misinformed parents, still believe immunizing against an illness that has mild symptoms is a must to protect their child. Think about it, most of us had chickenpox as a kid without any long-term issues. For the majority of healthy kids, chickenpox is a rather unpleasant itchy illness and a nuisance for the parents who have to take time off work to look after their sick child.

So why is there such a big push to vaccinate children today? Though chickenpox is highly contagious and may cause serious complications on rare occasions, does that mean we must expose all kids to brain and health damaging chemicals that are far more dangerous than the chickenpox itself?

As a parent, we all want the best for our little one. What better way to push vaccines onto children than to scare their parents with horrific stories, highlighting the few rare cases where things didn’t turn out well.

Chickenpox is a common childhood disease caused by the varicella zoster virus, which is a member of the herpes virus family and associated with herpes zoster that may cause shingles later in life.

Some more Chicken pox fun-faxx

Before the varicella vaccine was developed, chickenpox was a mild childhood disease that presented as a rash and slight fever. Contracting chickenpox as a youth conferred lifetime immunity to chickenpox and protection against heart disease, atopic diseases and cancers, including glioma brain and spinal tumors.

Before Merck introduced the varicella vaccine, 4 million people contracted chickenpox annually with 100 deaths, half of those deaths were in children. CDC reports, "Death occurred in approximately 1 in 60,000 cases" Upon checking up on my links, it seems the CDC moved or deleted this link - actually, quite a few of these types of links - the ones that portray vaccines in a negative light - are disappearing. I'm going to leave this link just to remind us of the CDC coverup.

When an adult missed catching chickenpox as a child, and contract it as an adult, chickempox presents as pneumonia or can reactivate as shingles (herpes zoster). Chickenpox in adults has twenty times the risk of death and 10-15 times the risk of hospitalization as chickenpox in children. In otherwords, you are LUCKY if you catch wild chickenpox as a child. However, that is becomming more difficult because of BigVaxx's lust for profits.

It was known (scroll down to page 3 in the link), that the chickenpox vaccine would cause a shingles epidemic by eliminating the boosting effects of regularly circulating wild-type chickenpox. Health 'experts' knew that widespread vaccination would increase shingles rates among adults and children with a history of chickenpox and precipitate a shingles epidemic.

The United Kingdom (England) and other nations refused to recommend the universal vaccination of children due to predictions that loss of exogenous (outside) boosting would create a shingles epidemic over decades.

According to the CDC, Shingles is twice as deadly as chickenpox and can also cause debilitating pain (called post herpetic neuralgia or PHN) and blindness.

Merck's varicella vaccine and booster cost $100 each. Multiply this by millions of doses given, this means Billions of liability-free dollars in profit for BigVaxx at the expense of total devestation of the health of the general public. They profit, society loses.

According to a New York Times article, a Research Analyst for the Antelope Valley Varicella Active Surveillance Project (VASP), Dr. Gary Goldman, was issued a notice to "cease and desist" publication of deleterious data concerning increasing shingles incidence following widespread varicella vaccination. CDC Director, Julie Gerberding, continued to support the CDC recommendation that every child get vaccinated for Chickenpox. Merck rewarded Gerberding for this BILLION dollar gift by naming her as President of its Vaccine division. Proof the CDC is corrupt and can not be trusted. The truth is suppressed and the tyrant rewarded.

Merck's reaction to the shingles epidemic that they created was to market a new shingles vaccine. Zostavax, which is linked to a long list of side effects including asthma exacerbation, polymyalgia rheumatica, congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema and death.

In 2018 FDA posted a warning that immunocompromised persons and pregnant women should avoid children for up to six weeks after vaccination since vaccinated individuals can transmit the disease through viral shedding. Many vaccines 'shed', meaning the vaxxed spread the disease all around where ever they go for a time period. (Including the pertussis vaxx, despite the ugly LIES in the Pertussis vaxx TV commercial where BigPharma portrays grandma as the big bad wolf).

Creating fear to make sure you vaccinate your kids

In an article run by the Daily Mail Online, a mother of a kidney recipient has slammed anti-vaxxers because her daughter was rushed to the hospital after being exposed to chickenpox. Though the 11 year old didn't get sick and nothing happened to her, the media and her mother managed to cause a commotion that put parents who decide against vaccination in a bad daylight.

In 2008, a little girl from Atlanta had a kidney transplant when she was only two years old, making her highly vulnerable to all infectious diseases, not only chickenpox.

Camille Echols, the 34 year old mother, issued a plea to parents to educate themselves on vaccines after her daughter Ashely was rushed to the emergency department for injections of immunoglobulin after being exposed to the "life-threatening" illness. Now, she blames anti-vaxxers for causing a situation that left her 11 year old in tears while receiving the potentially "life-saving injections", the Daily Mail Online reported.

A clever play of words

"The people choosing to skip vaccinations put children like my daughter at risk. She has been through SO much already. And this was avoidable", her mother said.

But what about the thousands of children that are permanently damaged, or the parents that lost a child due to the toxic ingredients in vaccines? Even for Ashely, vaccines are dangerous yet her mother blames anti-vaxxers for protecting their children against autism and an intentionally damaged immune system that result from purposely injecting a child with known neuro-toxins and other filthy compounds.

"She got one varicella vaccine but couldn't get the second because she was immunosuppressed and instead of developing immunity, she would have contracted the virus", her mother said.

Logical reasoning time: If the vaccine isn't working for kids who receive a transplant, it begs the question why she got the vaccine in the first place. I'm sure stories like this where they claim that chickenpox is a life-threatening disease will surely help to increase the sales of the chickenpox jab.

The rate of shingles has been increasing since the 1990s, and it is now estimated that about one in three adults will develop the disease in their lifetime. A certain number of these people will experience recurring outbreaks. About one in five of them will suffer severe and often debilitating pain known as postherpetic neuralgia (PHN).

Officially, the cause of this increase is unknown. Yet studies suggest that at least part of the explanation could be the chickenpox vaccine.

Chickenpox and shingles are caused by the same virus, which is known as varicella zoster. Shingles cannot occur in someone who has not been previously been infected with the virus, presumably resulting in a chickenpox infection. Why, then, would the vaccine against this virus be causing more severe outbreaks later in life?

Once infected with the varicella zoster virus, the body can never get rid of it. Instead, the virus hides from the immune system along a nerve root in the central nervous system. Shingles (also known as herpes zoster) occurs when some trigger (typically stress or reduced immune function) causes the virus to erupt out of the nerve root and travel to the skin. This leads to a painful rash that tends to last about a month. Although most people suffer only a single case of shingles in their lifetime, the disease can recur.

In addition to PHN, possible complications of shingles include bacterial skin infection, motor neuropathy, bladder impairment, meningitis, hearing loss, Hutchinson's sign and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Alarmingly, shingles is now also starting to appear in children, which was virtually unheard of 20 years ago, before children were jabbed with the damaging and unnecessary chicken pox vaxx.

Researchers have suggested a simple explanation for why shingles rates might be on the increase, and at least some studies have supported this hypothesis: prior to the adoption of the chickenpox vaccine, nearly all children came down with chickenpox and thereby re-exposed the adults in their lives to the virus. This functioned as a "booster" to the immune system, thereby helping prevent reactivation of the virus in the form of shingles. Once vaccination became widespread, however, chickenpox rates fell and parents stopped getting the booster. When those parents started to hit the age of risk for shingles (50 and up), the rates of that disease started to climb accordingly.

Vaccine maker profits twice!

Is this merely a question of trading a childhood illness for an illness of old age? Not quite, because like any drug, both the chickenpox and shingles vaccines carry their own risks. Between March 1995 and July 1998, adverse events were reported for more than one in every 1,500 cases of chickenpox vaccination. About 4 percent of these were severe, including shock, brain inflammation (encephalitis), thrombocytopenia (a blood disorder) and death.

While some vaccine supporters claim that chickenpox vaccination will eventually solve the shingles problem because people who are vaccinated do not get the initial infection required to later develop shingles, it actually remains unclear if the LIVE VIRUS vaccine is sufficient to cause varicella zoster to colonize the nerve root. The vaccine is simply too new to answer that question.

To make matters worse, it is unclear how much benefit the chickenpox vaccine even provides. Chickenpox was simply NEVER a dangerous disease, having a fatality rate of only 0.00135 percent. That is, the disease infected about 3.7 million children per year and killed about 50, most of them immunocompromised.

Finally, the effectiveness of the shot at preventing varicella zoster infection is only about 70 percent. Thus, chickenpox is essentially guaranteed to remain endemic in the population and so will shingles.

In the meantime, of course, Merck - the company that makes the chickenpox vaccine and CREATED THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH - has its own convenient solution: The company also offers a vaccine for shingles. $$$$$$$$$

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