My Review of this very good book, Vaccine Illusion by Tetyana Obukhanych

This is my reveiw of this very good book. I will be drawing heavily from quotes in this book. Since everything I am writing about is from this book, I will not be giving credit below - I am giving credit right now.

'Vaccine Illusion', by Tetyana Obukhanych, is a very informative quick and easy read that will help you to connect more dots of the vaccine scam.

I consider this a 'must read'. It is a short book, a little over 100 pages, but each page is loaded with revealing and important information that you need to make truly informed decisions.

Tetyana Obukhanych is an immunologist who has been able to pull the curtain back and see who is pulling the levers. She has come to realize that 'vaccination' is one of the most deceptive inventions that science could ever convince the world to accept. The author agrees that it causes more damage than benefit to our children.

The unfortunant invention of vaccination has prevented us from seeking to understand what naturally acquired immunity to disease really is.

Ms. Obukhanych defines a few basic tern for us. The term 'immunity refers to a universally observed phenomenon of becoming unsusceptible to a number of infectious diseases through prior experience'. Any immunity that might be acquired by a vaccine is short term and circumvents the body's true immune system processes.

We are informed that immunology is a science that focuses on the artificial process of immunization, meaning how the immune system responds to foreign substances injected into the body. Current immunology does NOT include NATURAL INFECTION to Natural diseases and the NATURAL LIFETIME immunity that follows. To put it another way, the current study of immunology only focuses on injecting manipulated virus particles, tissue, genetic material, toxic chemicals and metals and measuring any antibody response. Current immunologists are obsessed w ith ARTIFICIAL manipulation of the immune system, totally disinterested in the natural process.

As we know, vaxxing only gives short term, temporary immunity - if any at all. We also know that this is often associated with a host of auto-immune problems that do not occur with natural infections. "For this reason, vaccination at its core is neither a safe nor an effective method of disease prevention."

The author states that this book came about because she realized that for the sake of her child, she had to reconsider everything she knew from her immunology education. She intended this book to give parents essential immunological information to assist them in making decisions. She says, "I urge every parent to consider HOW vaccines achieve their effects, and whether the desired vaccine effects truly benefit our children and our society".

The book then proceeds to give us a brief history of vaccines. We are told how Jenner was fooled by the apparent successful results of his cowpox and small pox experiements. His fatal flaw was that he only tested for resistance to variolation (Injection of smallpox pus into a healthy person), he did not test with natural smallpox. If he dad done so, he would have found out what is also happening today, protection from natural disease by vaxx wears off over a short time period. By vaxxing, one is merely postponing susceptibility to a disease.

Two Germans won the Nobel prize in 1901 for finding that serum from animals that had been inoculated with toxin-containing material had acquired anti-toxic properties. When injected into patients with diptheria or tetanus, anti-toxis serum (anti-serum) resulted in recovery from these diseases. The serum acted like an antidote to the toxins created by bacterial infections.

Animal serum (liquid part of the blood) can cause serum sickness in humans, thus human serum source had to be found.

In 1924, it was discovered that treating tetanus or diphtheria toxins with formaldehyde rendered then unable to cause the diseasr. Formaldehyde teated toxins are "toxoids". These compounds became the baseis for tetanus and diphtheria vaxxes and for the production of human anti-serum and TIG, tetanus immunoglobulin. (Immuniglobin = antibody).

Innumologists raced right ahead, not knowing for sure if these toxoids worked the same as the German's worked. In a lab setting, antibodies to toxins are indistinguishable from antibodies to toxoids. The author tells us tht because of this, immunologists just assume tht they work in t he same way and refuse to run proper lab tess to verify their assumptions. This is now "accepted science" although it has never been proved.

The gook ahs a few chapters on tetanus. The author describes the easy, natural way to establish natural immunity - a dangerous, toxoid based vaccine is not necessary. The tetanus vaxx was introduced to the US population in 1947 simply because the military thought it worked. No proper, randomized controlled trials were ever used to decide if the tetanus "shot" actually worked. The military simply said it worked because less soldiers contracted tetanus during WW2 than during WWI. All of the credit was given to the vaxx - no credit was given to improved wound hygiene or less exposure to c. tetani in the first place. No clinical trials were ever done, none at all.

Another gem quote from this informative book, "the field of vaccine development, backed up by immunologic theory, has for a long time maintained that as soon as some mish-mash of biological matter has acquired the label 'vaccine' by virtue of its ability to induce antibody production, it is immediately assumed to be effective in long-term disease prevention without much further effort to demonstrate this for a fact".

Pretty sloppy rush to market.

This is a well known fact, reiterated by this book: If disease goes down after a vaxx is introduced, (as ALL diseases - vaxx or not started to decline around 1900 due to improved sanitation), the vaxx gets the credit. If a disease does not go down, or even increases (as in a number of vaxx diseases), the vaxx is declared to be effective, but needs to be given more often. Really.

Vaxxers like to say that RCT, (randomized controlled trials), would be unethical, but the real unethical activity is to inject poisoned needles into healthy babies - babies who have no immediate threat of contracting a rare disease (or HepB) without even a real guarantee that the vaxx actually works. We now know tht these shots do cause long term auto immune problems.

The faulty pillar of the vaxx scam is the THEORY of IMMUNOLOGIC MEMORY which claims that your immune system can remember pathogens that it previously encountered and that when they show up again your immune system is ready for them because it remembers them. "Without this pillar, immunology would have not THEORY based grounds for imposing vaccination as a measure for long term disease prevention".

This theory of immunologic memory was established without testing it on real bacteria or viruses, only on isolated proteins.

Purified protein antigens do not have the ability to induce antibody production in the human/animal/recipient on their own. To induce abtibody production, this substance must be mixed with an adjuvant - a cytotoxic substance, often an aluminum salt - before injection this toxic mess into the unfortunant recipient.

To boost antibody response, victims had to be jabbed a second time. This was supposed to form the concept of immunologic memory. But it turns out that this did not cause a memory response.

The fact remains that science has no idea how life-long immunity to naturally acquired infection works. The falacy that equates natural immunity to immunologic memory persists despite it does not work with real pathogens.

The author states: "The number one priority of modern immunologic research has become precisely to perpetuate this false dogma, as it gives rationale to the modern adjuvant dependent strategy in vaccine design and ensures the momopoly of immunologic paradigms in public health policies".

I found a free copy of the Zinkernagel, R.M. report that describes how ummunological memory is not equal to protective immunity. It is Here

Ms. Obukhanych spends a chapter describing howo alulm, aluminum salts, are used as an adjuvant for vaxxes and how this contributes to life-threatening allergies that are now so prevalent in our children. This starts because people are stupid and gullible enough to start injecting their children, starting at birth and continuing through their childhood, with the neuro-toxin aluminum.

Vaccines do NOT protect for a lifetime. They simply postpone the susceptibility for a few years. By then, one may be an adolescent or adult, when what are mild childhood diseases, are pushed into adulthood.

Do doctors inform us about the consequences of the vacccine - induced delay in susceptibility to viral diseases when they vaxx children?

Vaccines manipulate the immune system to achieve temporry protection from what are mostly inoculous viral diseases. Vaxxes erode natural immunity and interfer with maternal immuno-protection of children.

The immune system of infants is immature and not capable of effectively dealing with natural viruses or even with a rtificially attenuated vaccine viruses.

mothers who had these viral diseases during childhood - the natural course of events - protect their chldren through passive transfer of their immunity via placenta and breast milk. But for this wonderful system to work, the mother musthave experienced natural infection and therefor achieved life-long immunity. THE SCAM OF VACCINES DESTROYS THIS WONDERFUL PROCESS.

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