Vaccination Voodoo by Catherine Frompovich

Wow. This book is one fast, page-turning race of information. It covers all sorts of information. One would think that with the internet, why buy so many books, well, this book has so much information, from all directions. It is a great reference. Well worth the price.

This book covers what exactly is in vaccines and why these ingredients are toxic and destructive to our immune systems. Vaccines actually by-pass our immune systems and make us weaker and sicker in both the short run and the long run. Vaccination Voodoo explains how and why this happens. She tells us why the long held glorification of vaccination is far more "tradition" than sound science.

The author's evidence consists of independent, peer reviewed research as opposed to research financed by the vaccine pharmaceutical industry. Frompovich exposes shocking and disturbing information regarding the ASSUMED safety of vaccines. This book is extremely well referenced using sources such as NIH, CDC, The Lancet and JAMA, as well as independent researchers who hold MDs and PhDs in their respective fields. This is the research and evidence that the media and the medicrats will not tell you about.

In this book you will learn about what's really in the vaccines, why certain additives were put there, what they actually do to the human immune system and baby's brains and what you can do to protect yourself and your child. Did you know that parts of vaccines have been approved by the corrupt FDA to be grown in bugs, like caterpillars? You will learn that formadehyde, SV40 monkey virus, pork virus (PCV), foreign animal cells from growth media (monkey, aborted human cells, mouse brain,etc), live virus, foreign DNA, antibiotics, peanut and shark oil and cancer virus, bacteria, bird virus and even more disguisting things you would not want to touch with your bare hand, are injected into your child's muscle tissue and thus bloodstream. You will learn much more, if your don't alraddy know.

Ms Frompovich lets us know that Doctors have known for years that the Gardasil HPV vaccine given to young girls is very dangerous and destroys many girls lives, turning them into damaged cripples. But this vaccine is so profitable, it has not been removed from the market.

The author covers information about how all major diseases were in steep decline, flatlining near zero long before the vaccines for the diseases were introducts. This freefall was due to better housing, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. However, if there was a vaccine for that particular disease, the vaccine got the credit and if there was no vaccine, then sanation and hygiene were rightly credited. These facts and figures are similiarly covered in Dr. Suzanne Humphries book 'Dissolving Illusions', also on my book list.

The book covers the "Simpsonwood" meeting in 2000 where government and industry representatives meet together illegally. This information was made public by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Over fifty government, vaccine and health care 'experts' discussed a study that clearly showed the link between vaccinated kids and the deteriorating health of children. Of course, profit concerns led them to decided how to cover the story up and bury it.

The future for keeping your immune system healthy looks grim because Big Pharma and Big Vaxx have plans for 300 new vaccines and government has plans for an RFID microchip to be implanted in the palm of the hand to "track" citizens.

This power packed book contains much more information on how dangerous vaccines really are. It is a very good book and well worth the price. It contains researched and documented facts that make you want to shout them from the rooftops. People need to know that they are being played and deceived by a combination of government and industry people, prompted by their lust for money and power.