Malice, by Jennifer Jaymes

This book is a must-read page turner, really. I don't have much time to indulge in fiction, but after hearing of the author's unfortunate demise after she worte a book about the incredibly maloevent and corrupt pharmaceutical industry, known as Big Pharma, I had to buy a digtal copy of this book and read it. I'm very glad I did.

This book is fiction only in that it uses fictional characters and fictional circumstances to tell the story that so many real people have faced in real life after being deceived into injecting toxic and dangerous vaccines into their children. (Recall that according to Section 13 of the actual vaccine insert, no vaccine has been tested for safety, whether it gives you cancer or mutates your genes or most even for fertility effects.)

According to the story line, a new drug, Respira, is too quickly approved by the FDA. It is supposed to be a miracle drug that keeps children from getting sick, (which in itself is bad, if you don't exercise your immune system, it won't grow strong). The drug is harming children, and even killing them. Several doctors connect the dots. One of those honest doctors is murdered while he is out jogging. Others are murdered, also, to keep the $$ flowing. This book so closely mirrors the real-life pharmaceutical industry even though it is a brilliant fictional account.

One example in the book is the character Suzie, a young girl who is vaxxed with this latest BigPharma toxic cocktail and ultimately succombs to the toxic vaxx. She has a bad reaction to her first injection of this wonder drug - the customary screaming and arched back. She seems to recover. The doctor, of course, recommends the second shot, although she suffered obvious brain damage from the first shot. After the second shot, little Suzie has a delayed reaction, with the same high pitched screaming. Only this time, when she recovers, she has a blank stare and is no longer intrested in the environment around her. Another child destroyed and made autistic by the profitable Big Pharma toxic needle vaxx. So realistic. Little Suzie eventually dies of her vaccination side effects. Her story mirrors what so many families go through - the emergency room visits, the medical mafia denying that the medical problems have anything to do with the vaxx that the child was just injected with, let's jab her again, according the official CDC purchased vaxx schedule, more side effects from another injection, and so on.

The story also explains how so many doctors profit from strong-arming their patients into getting every vaxx on the paid-for CDC schedule. How can YOU trust the doctor you go to when he/she is strongly influenced by pharmaceutical interests? A doctor's "Conflict of interest" doesn't work out well for the patient. Some conflict of interest includes both their end of the year kickback for a fully vaxxed patient and for purchasing financial interests in Big Pharma.

Here is a description of the book paraphrased from reviews by Goodreads and Review Bee:

Malice is a medical thriller revolving around Dr. Daniel Winters, who overcame alcohol addiction to become a well-respected pediatrician. All is well in his new life until the introduction of Respira, a new pharmaceutical vaccine that takes the pediatric world by storm. Respira is set to prevent colds, the flu, and other illnesses in children. Daniel's boss is adamant that Respira is a miracle drug that will be a saving grace for parents.

But as more doctors give Respira to more children, side-effects begin to occur. As the evidence mounts up against the drug, even Daniel Winters becomes unsure of the drug's safety and is faced with a choice. Daniel had known of a fellow pediatrician and his family that were found slaughtered in their home, and another doctor was murdered. There is strong suspicion that this fate could come to him if he follows his conscience.

Malice 'seems to propose a strong anti-vax argument' and forces the reader to scrutinize their thoughts on 'big pharma'.

Ms. Jaymes mentions in this Must-Read book the murder of whistle blowers that are negatively impacting this new and very profitable Big Pharma patented drug. It is an uncomfortable foreshadowing of her own demise.

Spoiler alert: The story, of course, ends with the murder of the doctor who is trying to warn humanity of a dangerous BigPharma drug that is destroying and even killing people.

The first reports out about Ms. Jaymes' death referred to two shots to the head and it being ruled a suicide. Currently, absolutely no further 'official' information can be found. This causes me to believe the first reports. With all of the weird events happening in our country today, the initial reports are the most credible. For example, the recent Walmart shooting in El Paso, had many people talking on video interviews about the 3 heavily armed men in black, "not police" they specifically said, who were blocking the front doors during the shooting event. Other witnesses even mention seeing them get in vehicles and leave. Shooters in other bulldings around the area were also testified to. These real-life interviews got scrubbed quickly because they conflict with 'the official narrative' which always comes out a bit later, usually after some corrupt fed bureau, such as the jokingly corrupt FBI or DHS or some other deep state bureau comes in and takes control of the narrative. Thus, I always remember the first stories out from on-the-ground witnesses. This seems to happen at most of these shooting events, and some of the witnesses who testified to alternative narratives during the Las Vegas specticle also mysteriously died. Always pay attention to the initial reports.

Add to this, this incredibly tallented author was and still is a well read, well publicized author whose works are read far and wide. She just wrote an awesome, page turning thriller about the massive corruption and malevolent intent of the part of the 'Vaccine Industry', or BigVaxx or Big Pharma. Because of the obvious anti-big pharma slant of her recent book, the mind naturally recalls the number of holistic doctors defiant of the medical establishment who have met with very unusual deaths. These anti-allopathic doctors have been and are being killed mysteriously over a short period of time, many suicided with the usual 'two bullets to the back of the head' routine. That's my opinion of this must-read book.

re-think vaccines polio is connected to the lukemia epidemic

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