Book Review - "Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe is Lying"

"Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines are Safe and Effective is Lying" by Dr. Vernon Coleman, is available on as an ebook. It was only $3.99 when I got my copy. Well worth it.

Dr. Coleman asks these questions:

  1. Where is the scientific evidence showing vaxxes are really effective?
  2. Where are the long term scientific evidence showing that vaxxes are safe?
  3. Where is the long term scientific evidence that shooting an 8 week old baby with multiple syringes of toxins, neurotoxins, aminal DNA, aborted baby fetal tissue, toxic metals and many other nasty substances that any sensible person wouldn't want injected into them, doesn't cause brain damage?

Doctors, politicians and journalists tend to avoid ansering these questions and prefer to perpetuate the traditional MYTHS about vaccinations and argue that vaxxes helped eradicate a whole host of previously deadly diseases.

Doctors and drug companies promoting vaxxes are more interested in profits than evidence.

Scientists and doctors bend truth for commercial reasons and media simply report what they are told. Millions of people mamke vital decisions based on half truths and quarter truths and down-right lies.

In progress - more to come - a very good book, worth the read ----

doctors claim 3 hours of screaming after shots is normal?